The Embassy will be closed on Thursday the 30th of Ausust in celebration of the Hijri New Year...

نرجو ان نحيطكم علماً بان السفارة تغلق أبوابها يوم الخميس الموافق 2019/8/30 وذلك احتفالاً برأس السنة الهجرية

In view of the current situation related to COVID-19, the Consular Section annouces our new WORKING HOURS during this crises:

نظراً للحالة الراهنة وتطورات الأوضاع الحالية في النمسا بخصوص فيروس كرونا، فإن القسم القنصلي يفتح ابوابه للمراجعين خلال الأوقات التالي:

Working Hours:

Consular Section: Monday - Friday : 09:30 - 12:30
Embassy: Monday - Friday : 09:00 - 16:00
Consular Section: Monday & Wednesday : 11:00 - 13:00


Rennweg 17/4
A-1030 Vienna
Consular Section:


Fax : +43-1-4051031
Emergency Number: +43-664-3988097 (please only in emergeny case)
For further information please contact the consular section at:


اتصل بنا





Visa requirements:

- A passport valid for at least (6) months + copy of the Passport
- A completed application ( form)
- One passport-size photograph
- Payment of visa fees
- COST FOR VISA - MUTLI for one year 307,50 Euro

الاخوات والأخوة الراغبين بالسفر الى المملكة الأردنية الهاشمية جواً، يرجى اتباع الإجراءات التالية للتمكن من دخول المملكة اعتباراً من تاريخ 01/06/2021:


1.    إحضار فحص PCR سلبي قبل الصعود الى الطائرة في اول محطة مغادرة ب 72 ساعة، وسيتم اعفاء من تلقوا اللقاح المضاد لفيروس كورونا بواقع (جرعتين) عند الوصول.


2.    إحضار شهادة صحية تثبت الحصول على المطعوم بواقع (جرعتين) يتم ابرازها لشركة الطيران إما ورقياً او الكترونياً مع ضرورة والتسجيل على المنصة Visit Jordan والحصول على QR Code .


3.    تبقى إجراءات تسليم Locater Form والاقرار الصحي كما هو معمول بها حالياً.


Important Notice:

Please note that legalizing documents from the Jordanian Consular Section only confirms the authenticity of the signature, seal or stamp of the following:
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates of Jordan
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country of origin
  • The Austro-Arab Chamber of Commerce
  • The Austrian Chamber of Commerce
  • The Hungarian Chamber of Commerce
  • The Slovakian Chamber of Commerce
  • The Czech Chamber of Commerce
  • The Slovenian Chamber of Commerce

Commercial Documents:

(eg. commercial agreements, memoranda of understanding, etc., including all documents related to non-personal activities)

Commercial Documents have to be legalized by one of the abovementioned offices. The legalization fee for commercial document is 69.75 Euro per stamp.

Personal Status Documents:

(eg. Birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, educational documents.)

Personal status documents have to be legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country of origin. The legalization fee for personal status documents is Euro 11.25 per stamp.

Legalizing Power of Attorney:

Powers of Attorney can be commercial documents so the legalization fee is 69.75 Euro when related to business authorizations. However, if the power of attorney is a personal document the legalization fee is 11.25 Euro when related to personal authorizations.

How to pay for Legalization:

-by cash or by money transfer to the below bank connection:
Jordan Embassy
Bank Austria
IBAN: IBAN= AT20 1200 0101 1191 7200

Submission and collection:

The process takes at least four working days in case of submission of documents in person. Please note that the opening hours are Monday-Friday from 9:30-12:30.

In case of sending the documents by post the process takes approximately one week. Please make sure you send a pre-paid self-addressed special envelope for the sufficient weight to enable us to return your documents back by post to you after getting them legalized. Alternatively you may collect the documents in person four working days after receipt of the documents during our opening hours.

We strongly recommend you keep the return special delivery tracking number so you can track your document yourself since the consular section does NOT provide any updates related to delivery.